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abdullahmiang a écrit le  :

its really awesome but how i can download it ?

Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

You can't - the author didn't licence it with a licence that allows sharing and using the image.

EnriqueVeogente a écrit le  :

you can download any image from your pc by right clicking and save target or view image and save ..however as an artist i can tell you most artists are ok with you viewing and saving their work for personal use ie screen savers and so on but if you intend to use artwork in the public domain you must first seek permission from the artist who my give or sell you rights to use in certain circumstances is illigal to use someone elses work without their permission.

Martin Owens a écrit le  :

Additional - In some countries there are fair use and fair dealing laws which protect uses of works that do not have permission or license. These include for education, news reporting, satire, etc. But you should always be careful with use of works and it's easier normally to ask for permission.

canavis a écrit le  :

de lux

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