Sandra Bullock

Here, let my tribute to Sandra Bullock with this vector drawing created in Inkscape software.
The art was completed on June 20, 2015 and took six months to complete.
It is completely vectored and 100% made in Inkscape.

My drawings in Inkscape can be seen here:


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Juan C. Sanchez a écrit le  :

Good Job!

Miguelito Colmenares a écrit le  :

Very Cool Luiz! :) Nice Artwork #DrawFreely :D (Y)

Jergus Krc a écrit le  :


digga a écrit le  :

brilliant .... and i only wanted to manipulate a bit of text lol

stunning work - can't believe its vectored

Gabriel Kanawite a écrit le  :

I'm new here and this is awesome!!! Great work!

Last Walla a écrit le  :

Dammit.. Great job brah.

Aman Upadhyay a écrit le  :

Dude i am new to editing and i dont know what takes to make such a image
but this is just AWESOME

Rich_A_Kretzschmar a écrit le  :

Wow how cool is that Luiz! It's great works such as this featured here very prominently upon the gallery walls of InkScape that make drive me to spent=d the time to make a comment in admiration. Sandra has been a role model of mine for quite some time. She is beautiful, talented, and very-very intelligent. In fact Sandra Annette Bullock is even my Bos and who doesn't have a crush on such alluring beauty. We are both dragons at heart who independently forge diamonds to enrich humanity and "defend mankind." Yes I'm jealous of her various boyfriends but that's life I guess right. So once again kudo's to the gallery for featuring such a fantastic illustration of tone(s).

SheilaE a écrit le  :

I've seen a lot of SVG's, but NEVER anything like this! This is exquisite! Thanks for sharing it with us so that we know what INKSCAPE is really capable of! Out-of-this-world!

huacih a écrit le  :


Miguel López Casellas a écrit le  :

Wowww!!! Fantastic, I love it!!! <3

Cantro a écrit le  :

Inspirational!! Unbelievable!

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