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Inkscape logo as an inkdrop diffusion in water abstraction.

- Edited thanks to Maren Hachmann

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Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA 3.0)
Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

@artelnjeru01: what's the meaning of the interrupted underline?

Could you convert the text to paths, so they look correct, even if one doesn't have the fonts installed? (You can put the original texts on a separate layer and hide that layer).

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

no inner meaning, just felt it looked cleaner, but can complete it to look like a link address.

i will convert the texts and resubmit.

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

hopefully better :)

Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

Texts work fine now on my end :D

(you could have kept the underline as is, I was just curious about the reason - maybe it would have been your signature (inca?), btw. you may still add one ;-) )

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Hahaha... I think it is better when it looks like a real link... I felt the signature would make it busy... :-) it's in the metadata anyway

Victor Westmann a écrit le  :

How can I vote? This is so beautiful it should be the splash screen for this version for sure! :)

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

thank you very much @Victor Westman... I am not even sure how the voting is done, but this is encouraging.

Jorge Toledo a écrit le  :

I really like this one. The idea behind it, and how it is executed in Inkscape.

As a suggestion, I would move the whole "logo+inkscape 0.92+draw freely" part just a bit to the right. And maybe remove the underline in the URL. The shape of the ink could also benefit from a bit more of asymmetry. But these are just subtle touches, the whole concept is very nice.

brynn a écrit le  :

Oh, it's going to be so hard to vote on these! So many great works :-D

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

@Jorge Toledo thankyou very much...I will see how it works in doing that...

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

@brynn... I do agree

Landis a écrit le  :

nice looking, but too 'adobe' looking to be 'about inkscape', i think.

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Made entirely by inkscape should be enough...😉

Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

@artelnjeru01: This entry is the winner for the About Screen Contest for 0.92 (just in case you didn't read the news yet). Congratulations!

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Really!! Thankyou for the news @Maren Hachmann! 😁 I am honored and pleased! Thankyou all for this!

Mike Thomas-Faria a écrit le  :

Congratulations! I voted for this! And I submitted my own designs, but really, this is just too good! Well done.

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Thankyou very much Mike! 😁 the designs were awesome! Its very humbling...

brynn a écrit le  :

Yes, congratulations!
I'm curious - did you use some ink and watch it drop into glass of water, or maybe take a photo, to use as a model? Or was it just from memory?

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Thank YOU!I did look at some references on google and see what the logo may disperse into while maintaining its defining forms, but for my first entry i traced out a real ink blob photo for practice, then thought it also looked cool! :)

Michał Grochoła a écrit le  :

Congratulations! :D

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Thankyou @Michał Grochoła :-)

Eduard Braun a écrit le  :

We (theAdib and me) also adapted and included your work in the Windows installers now, see

Let us know if this looks good for you and aligns with your artistic standards. ;-)

Thanks again for the very nice contribution! I love it and voted for it myself.

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

It looks very nice 😊! I like it!
You are welcome! & thankyou too!

Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

Hi again, just commenting to tell you that your picture is now on the Inkscape front page: :)

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

😊 thankyou Maren.

Bryce Harrington a écrit le  :

artelnjeru01, congrats again on this great work! Would you mind elaborating on how you created it? Were there any particular features of Inkscape that helped in the making of it?

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

@Bryce Harrington thankyou very much!:). Let me try my best...
Once I got news of the contest, i gradually came to the idea of an ink drop dispersion in seemed to be a very good idea 😉... So i got a new high res photos of the same and this was my little study. Both the fluid dynamics of it and the chromatography of the colours as it spreads out.
I intended it to be more smooth rather than the mesh looking product. So I went straight to my favorite feature of inkscape the bezier tool and tried making a few inky flows combined with the pattern to path effect... It was not so easy so I chose the interpolate subpaths and achieved something close to the effect i wanted. So I started tracing out one of the ink blobs(my 1st entry) but then an idea struck... The inkscape logo should be the main subject of the artwork! And i started playing with the bezier and path effects referencing the logo and manipulating the curve nodes to get the most appealing mesh effect...the color gradients i also made a quick check on the dispersion of a black ink drop n made my little pallet of gradients then exaggerated most of the bright colours so that l felt they are in some harmony... The rest was a slightly vignetted background and playing with the texts... Finally I tweaked the nodes of the drop curves until they seemed more natural and I tried to optimize what was only needed and clean up what wasn't needed to reduce file size... All this was done under the required document mostly the path tools and effects gradients and the symbolism of the inkscape name led to this... 😊

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Sorry for the long narration...

Bryce Harrington a écrit le  :

Cool thanks!

Maren Hachmann a écrit le  :

Wow, thank you for sharing the process! (yep, it's a cool idea :) )

artelnjeru01 a écrit le  :

Very welcome a écrit le  :

congratulation artelnjeru01 smart work, I also made cool stuff with inkscape... I saw this contest late on twitter ..

artelnjeru a écrit le  : ... Thankyou very much!where is it? :)we want to see! Are you in Facebook? If so, inkscape-draw freely is the page!

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