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Lasercut tabbed box

Creates a tabbed box with kerf setting for tight fits. Or dimples for press fits.

- set dimensions in various units,
- width, depth, height, material thickness,
- choose number of tabs for each dimension,
- include corners or not,
- kerf adjustable - if tight fit required, or
- can use dimples for pressure fits for wood etc (rounds or triangles), or
- can set zero kerf and use minimal material to create.

In all cases - uses minimal lines to optimise for laser cutting.


7.3 KB
MIT License (MIT)


ErikRuud wrote :

I can't seem to get this one to work.

The zip file includes to files but the inx file is called Lasercut-jigsaw.inx

The Lasercut-jigsaw extension does work well by the way.

Maren Hachmann wrote :

Erik, could you report that over at github, in the 'Issues' section? wrote :

Hello !

I followed the instruction to instal the plugin but it doesn't appear on the extensions list.

Is it up to date for MacOs Sierra ?

Neon22 wrote :

Oops - sorry this has been broken for a while :(
correct zip is now there. with matching py and inx files.
Tested in 0.92 - should work.

Will appear on Extensions/Render menu as "lasercut box"

manutheeng wrote :

I don't know if this extension is supposed to work like this, but I just downloaded it, and the two boxes I've tried to make weren't like the ones on the image, they had some tabs inside.

Don't know if I'm setting something up or just not seen some option.



Thanks a lot!

manutheeng wrote :

Sorry, just discovered it was the 'Dividers' option.

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