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Simple minimalistic idea. Hope you like it :)

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Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA 3.0)
Duarte Farrajota Ramos wrote :

Cool entry, would make a damn fine Hollywood movie poster

v2x wrote :

you have my vote Michał Grochoła =) congrats!

Michele Locati wrote :

Mine too! Really nice!

Landis wrote :

I Like. Very 'inkscape'ish'...

Omar Román wrote :

Good work, I like the design and composition.

Michał Grochoła wrote :

Thank you Duarte Farrajota Ramos, v2x, Michele Locati, Landis, Omar Román :D

Jean Mendoza wrote :

Excelente trabajo... muy elegante para ser la portada de mi programa preferido para diseñar... Mi voto es tuyo... Felicidades... que obtengas el Éxito en este concurso... ya que quisiera ver esta portada en la nueva versión...!!!! :)

Daniel wrote :

Very very nice.

The sole idea is excellent but it`s backed up with the same level of excellence in execution. Sincere compliments.

Michał Grochoła wrote :

Thanks Jean Mendoza & Daniel :)

Maren Hachmann wrote :

@Michał Grochoła: your artwork is in the developer voting round!
See (you can follow the voting on the developer mailing list)

Ranjith Siji wrote :

Very Nice Drawing for an Elegent about screen.

it's a great screen! I like how it has the "sun rising over the Earth" effect.

Eduardo Pelaez wrote :

I find it absurd how this did not win!

Maren Hachmann wrote :

Hi again, just commenting to tell you that your picture is now on the Inkscape front page: :)

Michał Grochoła wrote :

Thank you Maren Hachmann! It is great honor to be part of this project :D

keynes wrote :

Really nice !

Brand Design wrote :


Diego Loiola wrote :

Cara, ficou muito bom!

Man, that's an amazing job!

Das ist sehr schön!

Miguel López Casellas wrote :

Cool!! :-)

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