New Inkscape Beginners Manual

A small team of translators and other editors is excited to announce that work has started on an Inkscape guide, which is written specifically for beginners. The focus is on "how" rather than "why", and is meant to gently guide new Inkscape users through all the most basic features.

Technically, it's derived from a manual which was originally published by a French team, led by Elisa de Castro Guerra. Currently the focus is on translating it to English. Once translated, it will be ready for a few updates. And we've discussed adding some extra chapters or features, such as a glossary and/or a troubleshooting section.

It's being translated and edited using the FLOSS Manuals interface, but will eventually be published to the web and optionally downloadable as PDF.  The real beauty of this manual is that its license allows it to be managed by the community, so that when future updates are needed, they can be done by anyone willing to register on FLOSS Manuals, and do the work!

If you have some time, and are interested in helping, the project could use a few more people with the following types of skills:

If you can help with these or with other tasks in our task list, please contact the team, either directly on the task at gitlab, or by posting a message to the Docs mailing list. All editors need to be subscribed to the list for updates and discussion about global topics.