Inkscape developers need your help

Our volunteer Inkscape developers are spread across the globe and rarely have the chance to meet face-to-face. Thanks to technology, we are able to work remotely on most things, but we've noticed that in-person meetings bring about stronger relationships, quicker solutions, and more creative results.

Being together in one room also allows us to work on things that are harder to do on-line: designing a new plugin/extension system, teaming up to squash particularly nasty bugs, authoring better user documentation, and planning where to take Inkscape development in the future.

We will be meeting at the end of April 2015, before the Libre Graphics Meeting in Toronto, for three days of intense work and discussion.

You can help us to improve Inkscape by donating to help cover travel, room, and board so our international volunteer developers can attend the hackfest in person.

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We are also looking for a local contact too. If you are an Inkscape enthusast in the Toronto area, please send a message to us.