[This information is outdated, the Hackfest 2015 is over. Donations can be made to the general Inkscape Fund]

Inkscape 2015 Hackfest

Inkscape is a free, fully open source, community-developed, socially owned software program that allows everyone to explore their creativity. Digital artists use it to produce professional quality work. Engineers and scientists use it to create clear drawings to explain their ideas. Everyday people use it to create simple drawings, develop their design skills, and just have fun.

We need your help to further improve the program so many people love, and make sure it has a bright future!

Inkscape developers discussing, CC by yemanjalisa

Our dedicated volunteer Inkscape developers are spread across the globe and rarely have the chance to meet face-to-face. Thanks to technology, we are able to work remotely on most things, but we've noticed that in-person meetings bring about stronger relationships, quicker solutions, and more creative results.

Being together in one room also allows us to work on things that are harder to do on-line: designing a new plugin/extension system, teaming up to squash particularly nasty bugs, authoring better user documentation, and planning where to take Inkscape development in the future.

We will be meeting before the Libre Graphics Meeting (April 29 to May 2, 2015) in Toronto for three days of intense hacking.

Please consider donating a few bucks to help cover travel, room, and board so our available volunteer developers can attend the hackfest in person. It's an investment in Inkscape which should produce big benefits for all its users and help us make the product the very best it can be.

Thanks so much for being an investor in Inkscape and contributing to help bring the developers together in Toronto.  If we received enough money that the hackfest is fully funded or for some reason the funds are not needed for the hackfest anymore, we'll put the money towards maintaining and improving Inkscape!

We appreciate your commitment to free, fully open source, community-developed, socially owned software, and your vision for Inkscape. We are grateful to have you on our team!

All donations are fully tax deductible in the US to the extent permitted by law.