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This is an applet for the English #inkscape IRC channel on freenode (irc://irc.freenode.org/#inkscape) that you can connect to with any IRC client.

As an Inkscape user, you are welcome to ask questions here. (There is another channel for Inkscape developers, please see below. Also if you are not comfortable asking questions in English, see below for other options to get help) - but if you do, please stick around at least 10-15 minutes (or sometimes more) for an answer.

A lot of people are connected to it (users and developers alike), but few of them are connected and live "right now". All the people who answer are volunteers, and may or may not be available at the particular time you are there.

Please read


Ask Smart Questions (301.6 KB)

to get the most out of this chat.
The Inkscape chat team

International and Local Communities

If you're not comfortable communicating in English, or just prefer to talk to other Inkscape users in your own language, please see our Community page.

Inkscape Development Online Discussion


The channel irc://irc.freenode.org/#inkscape-devel is available for IRC users. Please note that your nickname has to be registered in the IRC network before you can post anything in the channel.

Configure your IRC client to use the utf-8 character set if you can. In many IRC clients, this can be done with ‘/charset utf-8’ or ‘/set term_type utf-8’.

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Other places to get help

Please find a list of forums and other places to find help on our Community page and in our FAQ