Inkscape は ベクター画像の プロフェッショナルな エディターです. 対応OSは Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. これは フリーで オープンソースです.


現在の安定版: 0.92.1

Inkscape is just so absolutely jam packed full of features we can't tell you about them all here.


Inkscape's artists are a busy lot, constantly working on some incredible artwork.


Learn how Inkscape can be used to its most powerful level.




イラストレーター、デザイナー、ウェブデザイナーなど、ベクターイメージを必要としている皆様に、Inkscape をオススメします。

Inkscape についてもっと知りたいですか?  機能の一覧をご覧になるか、今すぐ使ってみてください!

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Google Summer of Code 2016

This is Inkscape's 11th year mentoring in Google's Summer of Code. Students, please see our Summer of Code wiki page for directions. Find an idea that interests you, and let us know!



より詳しい情報は 開発者向け セクションをご覧ください。


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Inkscape moves to GitLab

The Inkscape project has completed it's planned move from launchpad using the bazaar repository system, to GitLab using the git repository system.


Hackfest 2017 - Paris

Developers are planning for the 3rd annual Inkscape Hackfest - this year to be in Paris, France.  Lucky hackers!  It will be held from June 27th through July 1st, at Carrefour Numérique, which is a Fablab/hackerspace located inside Paris's modern science museum, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie.

Hackfests are usually rare opportunities for programmers to come together in person, for intense hacking sessions.  We usually notice increased motivation and excitement about development just before and after hackfests, and a flurry of activity with the code.