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Extension to export paths to 3-axis gcode for a 3D printer with a plotter/cutter attachment. For instructions, see the external link.


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General Public License v2 (GPLv2)


murat wrote :

How to download the GcodePlot plugin we will download. I could not see any connection way.

Alexander Pruss wrote :

I hate the trend for websites and apps using confusing symbols rather than text. The download link is the down-arrow under the photo.

Maren Hachmann wrote :

@Alexander: if you would like to see a change, come over here: ;-)

Palingenesis wrote :

Hi Alexander.
A very nice Extension, I was looking for something like this for a while, with others I seem to have issues.

I don't have a DaVinci so the file created as you have it don't work for me though.

This was not a problem for me as I just edited your code slightly for my use.
And it works lovely for me.

I have a suggestion so others will be able to use it and make it more universal.

it looks to me like the gcode DaVinci uses is not standard gcode.
What I changed is the way the command lines ended and comments are separated.

It would be nice if you had an option for the two different outputs, it would not be hard to do, I think I only changed 6 lines in the script.

Your typical output line looks like this:
G1 F1200.000 X100.000 Y100.000; draw !!Xleft+100.000 Ybottom+100.000

My output gives this:
G01 F1200.000 X100.000 Y100.000 (comments inside brackets)

I have a zero in front of the 1.
I don't end command with a ';'.
All comments are enclosed in brackets.

I just need this in the header:
G21 (Set to mm)
G90 (Set to Absolute positioning)
G00 Z5.0 (Set to Up Position)
M05 P500.0 (Up / off.)
G00 F1200.0 X0.0 Y0.0 (or what ever feed rate is set)

I also changed the pen position command.
I found using the Z positon works well for those machines that have a Z axis, positive number for pen up and a negative number for pen down.
I have no Z axis on my pen plotter so I use the M03 and M05 command for pen up and down.

So where Pen state changes, I now output.
M03 (pen down)
M05 (pen up)

Also, it would be nice if you had an option to put in a footer.

I do hope you don't mind what I have done to get you script to work for me?
It's a very nice piece of work thank you.
I hope my suggestions are useful and you understand what I have done.

I do hope you make the changes so more people can use it.(not just those with a DaVinci)

I have a 3d printer. I used it to make a complete pen plotter rather than mod my 3d machine. :)

Alexander Pruss wrote :

It's not so much DaVinci as Repetier firmware. Anyway, I can add options to change some of this stuff. Email me at for testing changes.

Palingenesis wrote :

Will do Alexander

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