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inkscape-placeholder extension

by Xavi

Embed image placeholders with custom height and width into Inkscape:

Beautiful Image backgrounds from unsplash
Random User avatars from uifaces


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Public Domain (PD)


Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz wrote :

Very very useful extension! Maybe is a good idea put a icon thumb in the extension.

About the extension: Can add a option to generate more than one at click, up to down and right to left. Another option for space between this images (¿positive and negative?.
Finaly there is some svg render options for images that maybe is good to add to extension.

Thanks so much for share!

Xavi wrote :

Thank you so much!

Love your ideas! the code is available via github, I updated the extension a month ago (before holidays) with some fixes but please feel free to make any fixes you think could be useful.

I'm happy is useful :)

Русслав Козлов wrote :

А как расширение установить?

Xavi wrote :

Hi Русслав Козлов

There is a link in the right area with documentation on how to install this extension.

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