Inkscape Forums

Inkscape has never had any official forums. For years, the closest that came to an official forum was the site, which was hosted and administered by a generous member of the Inkscape community. Beside that, other forums evolved, and subforums in graphics-related forums were established.

Unfortunately, forum members as well as the Inkscape board were not able to make contact for a long time with the's owner, resulting in administrative issues being unresolved, and the amount of spam cleaning work rising, and the only forum moderator feeling overwhelmed.

When the issue was brought before the Inkscape Board, it was decided to establish a Forum Committee, whose task it will be to explore other options for an official Inkscape forum. Also, forum members are making an effort to share the workload, to relieve the previously single moderator, as search machines will still guide users to the old forum and a new one doesn't yet exist.

If you can help the committee, e.g. by lending a hand with their various tasks concerning the selection of software, hosting requirements, forum policies, design and community outreach, please join the discussion!