Inkscape 0.92.2 Delivers Greater Stability and Easier Contributions

Inkscape 0.92.2 brings a number of fixes and small usability enhancements to this popular vector-graphics application. It is also the first release after migrating the project's code to GitLab. These amount to a more stable and capable creative tool that can now receive improvements from a much larger development community.

Release 0.92.2 Is More Stable and Capable

Development for the 0.92.2 release was focused primarily on fixing bugs and regressions. Among hundreds of code commits (see: are fixes that provide:

Among noteworthy feature and usability improvements are:

Complete release notes can be found at:

GitLab Migration Makes Contributing Easier

In June, the entire Inkscape code base and its many branches were migrated to a git repository hosted by GitLab. This was a massive undertaking requiring months of preparation.

GitLab was selected as the host of this repository due to its own demonstrated commitment to open source. This change is an important part of making Inkscape more accessible to more developers interested in contributing fixes and adding features.

More about the decision to move to git and GitLab can be read here:

Download 0.92.2 and Get Involved

As always, Inkscape is available free of charge to professionals and hobbyists alike. To download the latest packaged version of Inkscape for GNU/Linux, Windows, or MacOS visit:

Inkscape is a community guided and supported project. Our many thanks go to those who have contributed their time, resources, and talent to make this release possible. Learn how you can support and help contribute to this project by visiting: and