SVG Standards Work

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Inkscape uses the W3C SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format as its native format. This is why Inkscape has a vested interest in the development of SVG. Tavmjong Bah is Inkscape's representative in the SVG Working Group, ensuring that Inkscape's interests are heard. His voice represents not just Inkscape but all "end-users" of SVG and provides a balance to the often browser-centered perspective of other working group members. His work has included adding mesh gradients, hatched fills, auto-flowed text, text-on-a-shape, font-features, and the arcs line-join to the SVG 2 specification. He has implemented support for many of these features (as well as new CSS features such as CSS blend modes) in Inkscape.

The SVG working group holds two types of meetings: a weekly teleconference and several "face-to-face" meetings a year. The "face-to-face" meetings are particularly critical as this is often where important decision are made. They often are held in conjunction with a CSS Working Group meeting which allows close coordination between SVG and CSS. We're asking Inkscape (and SVG) supporters to provide Tavmjong a dedicated fund to travel to these SVG WG meetings. Attendance at these meetings typically costs between $1000 and $2000 depending on location. Tavmjong will provide a "Trip Report" after each meeting. (Previous trip reports can be found on his blog at:

The next scheduled meeting is in London from April 22nd through 24th just after the LGM meeting. This will be a specification editing meeting focused on finishing SVG 2.

The last meeting was in Sydney, Australia from February 3rd through 6th, 2016. The first day was a joint meeting with the CSS Working Group. You can read Tav's trip report to see what took place.

Please consider donating to help cover travel, room, and board so Tav can attend SVG Working Group "face to face" meetings. It's an investment in Inkscape, SVG, and the web.


Thanks so much for being an investor in Inkscape and contributing to help send Tav to SVG Working Group meetings.  If for some reason the funds are not needed for this purpose anymore, we'll put the money towards maintaining and improving Inkscape!

We appreciate your commitment to free, fully open source, community-developed, socially owned software, and your vision for Inkscape. We are grateful to have you on our team!

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