Comunidade de Equipes do Inkscape

A comunidade Inkscape tem várias equipes que se reúnem, discutem e trabalham em diferentes aspectos do desenvolvimento do Inkscape, cuidando de sua infra-estrutura e apoio a comunidade em torno do projeto. Aqui você vai encontrar todas as equipes atuais e a capacidade de se juntar a eles.

Inkscape User

A group of all inkscape members. 

Inkscape Developer

The coders, programmers and developers who wrangle code into a usable form. This is the main body of people who work on inkscape's most technical aspects and they are often found in the inkscape-developer's mailing list. 

Inkscape Board

Inkscape has a board of developers who look after certain functions for the project. These include policy definition, funding and fund-raising, finances and budgeting, brand management and inter-project collaboration. Technical direction still falls to the entire developer community.  


Website translators 

Release Team

A team for all people in the release team 

Inkscape UI

[TODO] - Introduction for what the inkscape UI team is for. 

Website Editor

We have a small team of people who look after the web site contents, keep it up-to-date and constantly look for ways to improve it, by collecting information from various sources and presenting it on the web site. You can support us in various ways: suggest improvements or corrections, write contents about topics that are missing, write news articles and help with ‘marketing’, or join us long-term and help with contents maintenance.  

Website Moderators

Website moderators take the code of conduct and website guidelines and enforce them, including hiding and removing items which are spam or otherwise inappropriate for the website.