The Inkscape Community Announces 0.48.4 Release

Happy Holidays! We have a gift for everyone!

After quite a while since our last announced release (sorry about that, there was a lot of confusion surrounding it, and I fully accept responsibility for that), the Inkscape Community is proud to announce that Inkscape 0.48.4 is out. This is our fourth bug fix release for 0.48 and since we won't count the last one, it contains ~120 bug fixes to improve security, stability, and functionality on all platforms since 0.48.2. Check out the 0.48.3 release notes & 0.48.4 release notes for brief summaries of some of the fixes and improvements, or the 0.48.3 milestone page & 0.48.4 milestone page for the full lists of closed bug reports, or just jump right to downloading your package for Windows or Linux.

At this time we also need to apologize that we are not officially packaging builds for OSX. This was the primary reason that 0.48.3 never saw an official announcement. Please know that we are still actively working on making the experience on the OSX platform better and are working towards native builds (no promises of if/when any will be available.) As a side note, MacPorts does already have 0.48.4 available, so a portion of our Mac users are not left out in the cold.

At this point it is very possible that we will have one more point release for 0.48 as we have a handful of bugs blocking us from releasing 0.49 (it will be well worth the wait!). Stay tuned for more news!