Community To-Do List

There are a number of important tasks needed by the community, whether they directly affect Inkscape (the program), this website, Inkscape documentation, or the community in general. If you have the skills needed, and enough time to do any of them, please contact the people indicated. If you know of any tasks that are needed, you can either post them yourself here, or contact the website team via the inkscape-docs mailing list to get it posted. Please note that this list has nothing to do with bugs or potential new features, which are handled on Launchpad (for Inkscape, for the website, for documentation), or with contributing to Inkscape in general. This is for jobs that definitely need doing.

We hope that posting these tasks publicly will help to get them checked off more quickly. When tasks are finished, we'll remove them and add more, so please check on this page from time to time, if you are of a mind to help.

Can You Help With Any of These?

Tasks Skills Needed Who to Contact
Improve our guide to making new Inkscape extensions. Knowledge of how to write extensions Documentation mailing list or web team via this bug report
The Getting Started page (for developers) needs an update. It could also serve as a guide for compiling Inkscape, for users, if the source for various libraries can be generalized. Knowledge of how to compile Inkscape on any operating system Documentation mailing list
The Testing page needs updating. Knowledge of how Inkscape should be tested Documentation mailing list or web team via this bug report
The Debugging page needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Knowledge of debugging Inkscape Documentation mailing list
We need a content manager / editor in chief for the website (long term position). Good command of English language, other skills to be discussed with website team Documentation mailing list
The website needs a page that explains the difference between vector and bitmap drawings, which would be helpful for many first-time users. Good command of English language, knack for educational texts / drawings, knowledge about main differences Documentation mailing list or web team via this bug report
Volunteers are needed to join the website Moderation Team.  Moderators work together to make decisions about images, comments and members. No particular skills are needed.  The best qualification is to care about keeping the website a beautiful and safe place for members to show their work and interact. On the Teams page, click on "Website Moderators".  On that page, you can request to join the team.  After that, we'll contact you and get you started.