GNU/Linux 版 Inkscape の入手

最新の安定バージョン (0.92.1)

Inkscape は多くのフリー GNU/Linux ディストリビューションにて、パッケージ済みの状態で配布されています

つまり、あなたのパッケージマネージャ / app store を用いれば、Inkscape を一直線に発見できます。

あなたのディストリビューションから提供される Inkscape のバージョンは、必ずしも最新バージョンとは限りません。

➔ リリースノートを読む

Inkscape Snap Package

A distribution-independent snap package for Inkscape 0.92.1 is now available. On Ubuntu 16.04 or higher, just visit the software center and install the latest version that is available there. If you're using a different system, install snapd if it's not yet installed, then, as root user, type

snap install inkscape

in the terminal. If you have an old version of Inkscape already installed via package management, that version may still have priority in your path. To solve this problem, you can either uninstall the old version, change the priority of /snap/bin/ and /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/ in your path, or run the snap of Inkscape with the command /snap/bin/inkscape.

Inkscape Flatpak

Mathias Vogelgesang has created a Flatpak recipe for Inkscape 0.92.1 and has made the resulting Inkscape Flatpak for x86_64 available for download on our website. The Flatpak is assumed to work on Fedora 25, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Debian Testing, Arch, and Mageia Cauldron as well as, after a slightly more involved installation procedure, on Ubuntu 16.04+.

For issues that are related to the Flatpak packaging, you can contact the author via the repository at github.

Inkscape for Specific Distributions

Ubuntu: Stable PPA or via package management.

Debian: 0.91 available in testing; or in stable via backports

OpenSUSE: Package Search

Fedora: 安定リポジトリからインストールできます。また、非公式ですが, または koji もあります。