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Note: The download files for this Inkscape version are provided for historical reasons only. As most of them do not have a checksum or valid/secure GPG signature, be very careful if you download or install them on your computer.

Inkscape 0.43

In brief

The focus of this release is on the exciting new features sponsored by Google via their Summer of Code program. However, we have quite a bunch of other stuff too. Here are the highlights:

Tavmjong Bah has updated his online book, <a href="">A Guide to Inkscape</a>, to cover the Inkscape 0.43 features. This guide is not included with the Inkscape release. Users are encouraged to read the guide in addition to these release notes and the help included with Inkscape.



A first release of the Inkboard collaborative editing system (also known as a "white board") is present in this version of Inkscape.

Inkboard usage

Pressure and tilt sensitivity

Support for extended input devices has been added.

Node tool


More new functionality

  • The new command line parameter, --export-area-snap, used with bitmap export to snap the export area outwards to the nearest integer SVG user unit (px) values. If you are using the default export resolution of 90dpi and your graphics are pixel-snapped to minimize antialiasing, this switch allows you to preserve this alignment even if you are exporting an area (for example, with --export-id or --export-area-drawing) which is itself not pixel-aligned.
  • When saving as Postscript, you now have the option to convert or not convert texts to paths (previously only available for EPS export).
  • Interface and usability

    Packaging, documentation, examples


    Important bugfixes

    Internal progress

    Known issues

    Windows 95/98/ME support

    Problems on Linux under KDE

    Pressure and tilt sensitivity


    See [Link no longer available] for a full list of known issues. If you find a bug not listed here, then please report the bug: see instructions at [Link no longer available] (the Report Bugs link from