News for 2017

Inkscape 0.92.2 Viene con mayor estabilidad y facilidad para contribuidores

Inkscape 0.92.2 trae arreglos y mejoras de usabilidad. Es también la primera versión despues de la migración del código fuente a Gitlab. Este esfuerzo para una versión más estable y potente podra, de esta manera recibir mejoras de una comunidad de desarrolladores más amplia.

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Que pasó en el Hackfest 2017

HAckfest LogoEste año el hackfest de Inkscape ha sido en el Carrefour Numérique²,  Paris, Francia. Nueve desarrolladores y contribuidores se juntaron para arreglar problemas de código, añadir posibilidades y hablar sobre el futuro del desarrollo y la comunidad de Inkscape. [En Inglés]

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Inkscape moves to GitLab

The Inkscape project has completed it's planned move from launchpad using the bazaar repository system, to GitLab using the git repository system.

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Hackfest 2017 - Paris

Developers are planning for the 3rd annual Inkscape Hackfest - this year to be in Paris, France.  Lucky hackers!  It will be held from June 27th through July 1st, at Carrefour Numérique, which is a Fablab/hackerspace located inside Paris's modern science museum, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie.

Hackfests are usually rare opportunities for programmers to come together in person, for intense hacking sessions.  We usually notice increased motivation and excitement about development just before and after hackfests, and a flurry of activity with the code.

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New Inkscape Beginners Manual

A small team of translators and other editors is excited to announce that work has started on an Inkscape guide, which is written specifically for beginners. The focus is on "how" rather than "why", and is meant to gently guide new Inkscape users through all the most basic features.

Technically, it's derived from a manual which was originally published by a French team, led by Elisa de Castro Guerra. Currently the focus is on translating it to English. Once translated, it will be ready for a few updates. And we've discussed adding some extra chapters or features, such as a glossary and/or a troubleshooting section.

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Inkscape 0.92.1 Now Available

The Inkscape project announces an update to its 0.92.0 release, bringing important bug and regression fixes, updated translations, and improved documentation.

Download 0.92.1 packages from the website.

Inkscape 0.92.1 is a stability and bugfix release. Below are listed the main changes.  For a more complete list, see:

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Snap Package for Linux, MacPorts Port for OS X available

The latest Inkscape release, Inkscape 0.92, is now available for you to install on OS X via MacPorts, and as a distribution-independent snap package for GNU/Linux.

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Inkscape Version 0.92 is Released!

The Inkscape project announces a new version 0.92 of its popular vector drawing software. New features include mesh gradients, improved SVG2 and CSS3 support, new path effects, interactive smoothing for the pencil tool, a new Object dialog for directly managing all drawing elements, and much more. Infrastructural changes are also under way, including a switch to CMake from the venerable Autotools build system.

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