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Multi-Bool Extension: Cut, Difference, Division

by Ryan Lerch / Maren Hachmann

Fork of Ryan Lerch's multiple-difference Inkscape extension (

Note: a rewrite of this extension by Inkscape contributor su_v, which is faster, has more options and less bugs is available from

A set of three inkscape extensions to apply

Path -> Difference
Path -> Cut Path
Path -> Division

on multiple selected paths or shapes at once.

The topmost object is used to cut / divide / do a difference on each selected object below.

In contrast to the standard operations, it keeps the topmost object.


Copy the *.py and *.inx files into the directory indicated in Edit -> Preferences -> System: User extensions


Select all objects (paths or shapes only!) that you want to use the extension with, then go to Extensions -> Boolean -> Multiple Cut / Multiple Difference / Multiple Division. Done!

Known Issues:


read more


12.5 KB
General Public License v2 (GPLv2)


Tim Jones wrote :

This is so useful... It should be built into Inkscape. Awesome job thanks! (I downloaded the version from gitlab)

Maren Hachmann wrote :

Hi Tim, yes, I agree - the gitlab version hasn't been written by me, though. I think that doesn't become clear. Updated description, credits are su_v's!

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