Inx Pathops

by su-v

Inkscape extension written by su-v to apply a path operation multiple times to a selection of objects, licensed GPLv2 or higher.

The extension is a rewrite of the Multi-Bool extension, and offers many adjustable settings and improvements.
It takes a selection of one or more groups, or of several elements (paths, shapes, text), or a mix of both, and applies a chosen path operation with the top-most valid object in paint order and each other valid object which is part of the selection (directly or as member of a processed group) that is lower in Z-order.

For more info, please refer to the README file at

On Windows, with the 64bit version, the Inkscape processes spawned by the extension sometimes don't close themselves properly, and the extension may never finish to run in consquence. It may be necessary to manually kill the additional Inkscape tasks. The 32bit version is not affected. Please save your file before


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General Public License v2 (GPLv2)


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