About Screen Contest 0.92 Winner!

About 0.92 2 Good, by artelnjeru01Congratulations to artelnjeru01! In the first round of voting, out of 56 entries submitted to the contest, Inkscape users chose the top 4 images to be promoted to the developers' voting round. After the developers' vote was tallied, the image titled "About 0.92 2 Good" by artelnjeru01, came out on top.

There were so many amazing images submitted, all the artists deserve congratulations as well. Many users commented how hard it was to choose just one best image, because so many are really awesome works. And this version's contest should also serve as a testament to Inkscape's state of development as a professional vector graphics tool. Thanks and congratulations to all developers, for version 0.92. 

It's yet another big step towards the long awaited version 1.0. Well done, everyone!