Mesh Gradients Test with Inkscape 0.92pre3 Pre-Release

The 0.92pre3 source package and the corresponding Windows versions have been released. The pre-release version contains a preview of a potential last minute new feature, that might be included in Inkscape 0.92, mesh gradients. It is our hope that raising visibility of this awesome feature will help motivate its inclusion in the SVG 2.0 specification, which is approaching finalization.

Please try the feature out, and if you like it, please advocate for its adoption by web browsers and other SVG using applications. 

Whether we actually include it in 0.92 depends on hearing plenty of positive feedback. We'll also be paying attention to reports of problems.

The source code archive and packages for Windows are available on our download page for development versions. If you use the source code package, please compile with the -DWITH_MESH=ON flag to enable meshes.

Packagers are encouraged to prepare binary packages for the platforms we support.