Inkscape 0.92 Beta available for testers!

The much-awaited next Inkscape release is getting closer and closer! Today, the source code for Inkscape-0.92pre2 (beta) was made available for testers and packagers on our website. There are many new features to discover and many bugs that have been fixed.

For a preliminary overview (with animations and video links!) about the changes, take a look at the release notes draft.

The source package gives testers the opportunity to try out one of the big changes in the background: The switch to cmake as a build system. Cmake replaces Autotools, to simplify development and packaging for different platforms. User-facing changes include a set of amazing new live path effects, the ability to group objects independently of the document structure via selection sets, the objects dialog which shows a list of all objects in the drawing and support for OpenType font features (e.g. ligatures, small caps, ...).

If you are a packager, please test if packaging works well and, if possible, make the package available on the website. If you need help there, you can send a message to the developers' mailing list.

For your bug reports, please use the project's bug tracker at launchpad. There are a couple of known issues that we are still working on, so don't forget to upgrade after the actual release.