Inkscape 2016 Executive Report

Budget 2016

We have budgeted $22,850 for expenditures this year. We are estimating $12,600 income from donations this year.

We also are establishing separate funding pools for Hackfests, SVG WG meetings, and funded projects, for targeted fundraising purposes.


GPLv2 Licensing Intent

A few GPLv3 licensed files in the Inkscape codebase engendered a question about what the project's intent should be for licensing. With this vote we've established that at least for now, the codebase should be licensed GPLv2 or newer.

There seems to be some interest in migrating to GPLv3, but that will be a separate discussion.

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Hackfest 2016 in Leeds, England

Following on our successful hackfest last year, a new one is being organized to be held in conjunction with the Libre Graphics Meeting in London. We're going to have the hackfest in nearby Leeds though, both due to London being expensive and because an Inkscape developer lives there and can handle logistics.

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SVG Working Group Meeting in Sydney, 2016

Tavmjong Bah is willing to represent Inkscape once again this year at the SVG Working Group meeting in Australia, and we've approved expenses. We've started dedicated fundraising for these meetings, which has garnered $286.54 so far, and we've also allocated an additional $2250 from Inkscape's general fund. The board has formally approved the amount of $2,536.54 for this trip.

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