Support our work on SVG standardization!

Inkscape, being an open source project, saves its files in an open, standardized, highly compatible file format called SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to ensure that your art and other work can be displayed and edited using any program that supports this standard. This way, your work won't be lost, even if you don't have access to Inkscape anymore, and you can use files created with Inkscape directly on your website, because your web browser manufacturer also has access to and makes use of the SVG standard.

One of our developers, Tavmjong Bah, is Inkscape's representative in the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) SVG Working Group, which creates the SVG standard. His goal is to improve the standard and to ensure that Inkscape's voice is heard.

Aside from weekly teleconferences, several times a year, Tavmjong needs to meet up with the Working Group in person, so important decisions can be made. But travelling is costly - and this is where you can help us!

More information and an account of what has already been achieved for Inkscape, its users and the web as a whole is available here.