Two new members on the Inkscape Board

The developers of the Inkscape project (everyone who is listed in Inkscape's 'AUTHORS' file) have been invited to cast their vote in the Inkscape Board Elections.

These had become necessary because two valued board members had resigned this spring for personal reasons, leaving two empty seats on the Board.

Seven active contributors have been nominated by other project members, and four of them accepted candidacy. Preceding the voting period, these four patiently answered questions about how to leverage their position on the Inkscape Board to further the growth of the Inkscape community. If you would like to read the questions and the candidate's replies, you can do so here and here.

The election period started on August, 27th and ended on September 10th. The election mode was the 'Single Transferable Vote' system, which is also used by several other Free Software projects, as well as for political elections in several countries of the world.

The platform for the election was kindly created and hosted by the Software Freedom Conservancy. It is based on the GNOME Elections software. The source code for the web service is available here.

Krzysztof Kosiński and Martin Owens gathered the most votes, and are now the Inkscape project's newest Board members.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the elections, be it by voting, making a nomination, organizing the election, helping with the voting platform, asking questions or volunteering as a candidate, and we wish Krzysztof and Martin all the best for their new tasks!