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Inkscape 0.91
Released on 2015-01-27

Release highlights
• Cairo rendering for display and PNG export
• OpenMP multithreading for all filters
• C++ code conversion
• Major improvements in the Text tool
• Measure tool
• Type design features [1],[2]
• Symbol library and support for Visio stencils
• Cross platform WMF and EMF import and export
• Improved support for Corel DRAW documents, Visio importer
• Support for real world document and page size units, e.g. millimeters
• Numerous usability improvements
• Native Windows 64-bit build
• See Notable bug fixes

Rendering and performance

Inkscape 0.91 includes a new renderer based on the Cairo library. This work was
done mainly during Google Summer of Code 2010 and 2011 projects.

• Improved performance. The new renderer is significantly faster on most
drawings. Renderi


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Inkscape Package

32.5 MB
General Public License v2 (GPLv2)
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