Inkscape 0.92

The next release of Inkscape will have new features and many bug fixes from the previous release 0.91. It will also introduce some breaking change in how Inkscape handles the resolution of images (don't worry, we will also supply tools to ease the transition!). Our goal with this version is to shorten our previously long release cycles, so you can expect the new features and bug fixes to be available for you much sooner than they used to be!

  • Stage: Under Development
  • Managers: Bryce Harrington

Release Progress

  1. Regular Development
    • Development focused on removing release blockers from the code
  2. Chill
    • Development focuses on wrapping up
    • Disable features that aren't finished
    • Identify 'distcheck' issues
    • Identify any critical OSX/Win32 packaging issues
    • Identify remaining writing needed for Release Notes
    • Update tutorials and other docs
  3. Frost
    • Mainline Branch focuses on stabilization
    • Only production-ready code committed to Mainline
    • Post source tarball
    • Additional source tarball
    • Finalize any major changes to platform packaging
    • Release Notes should be >90% filled in
    • Inkscape must pass >90% of 'make distcheck'
    • Start an About Screen contest
    • Additional inkscape-0.92-pre*.tar.gz releases
    • Packagers test creating pkgs of the -pre* releases
  4. Freeze
    • Stable Branch forked from Mainline
    • Regular development resumes on Mainline
    • Avoid major refactorings on Mainline
    • Only bug fixes committed to Stable Branch
    • Bug fixes are cherrypicked from Mainline
    • Inkscape must pass 'make distcheck'
    • No further string changes allowed on Stable Branch
    • Finalize tutorials to be shipped with release
    • Finalize other docs included in the release
    • Finalize about screen
    • Finalize Release Notes except Known Issues
    • Translators work on translations
    • Recruit Release Wardens for Hard Freeze
  5. Hard Freeze
    • Only Release Wardens can commit to Stable Branch
    • Cherrypick bug fixes from Mainline to Stable
    • Complete any late work under advisement of Wardens
    • Focus on release-critical bug fixing
    • Finalize all extensions
    • Finalize codebase translations
    • Finalize Known Issues section of Release Notes
    • Finalize packaging scripts
    • Post additional inkscape-0.92-pre*.tar.gz releases
  6. Release
    • Source package available from website launchpad project page
    • Windows build, MSI or EXE installer available from website
    • MacOSX build, dmg installer available from website
    • Debian build available in stable ppa or distribution archive
    • Fedora build available in stable yum repository or distribution archive 

New Features

This is intended to be a short summary. For a complete and up-to-date list, including features, bug fixes and known issues, see our Release Notes for 0.92.

  • The new Object dialog allows to select, label, hide and lock any object in the drawing from a dialog that lists them all
  • Selection sets make it possible to 'group' objects together regardless of document structure
  • Guides can now be locked to avoid accidental movement
  • Several new path effects have been added, among them Perspective/Envelope, Lattice Deformation, Mirror and Rotate Copies
  • There are new extensions (e.g. a seamless pattern extension) and a new filter (colorblindness simulation) included in the release, many old extensions have been updated or got new features
  • Many SVG2 and CSS3 properties are now supported for rendering (e.g. paint-order, mix-blend-mode)
  • Spray tool and measure tool received a set of nifty new features
  • Interactive smoothing for lines created with the Pencil tool
  • BSplines (and more) are available for the Pen tool
  • Checkerboard background can be used to more easily see object transparencies