Inkscape's creation and development, as an Open Source project, is a community effort! It takes the time, knowledge, skills, motivation and passions of the whole community, to make Inkscape great. There are many ways to contribute to the Inkscape project, whether you have technical, coding or development skills, or not.

Working with Code

Write Core Inkscape Code

Please see the Develop page for information on becoming a developer of core Inkscape code.

Write Inkscape extensions

For information on writing Inkscape extensions, please see the Develop page.

Packaging Inkscape

If you have the necessary skills and experience to package software, try to find better ways to package Inkscape for your operating system or Linux distribution, and think about offering to do so, when new versions are nearing release dates. Here is some info on packaging Inkscape.

Website Development and Design

The Inkscape website is being developed in Python, using the Django framework. There are some cool projects going on that can always use some additional help. For more info visit the wiki page about website development.



Information about Inkscape's performance in everyday situations can be quite helpful to developers. So we welcome the testing of Inkscape. If you're interested in testing, or have suggestions for stability and improvement, here are some guidelines.


As Inkscape is an open source project, in contrast to many proprietary applications, you can directly report issues to the Inkscape developers, participate in helping them gather all the info they will need to investigate, and ask for them to be fixed. This is a critical need for ensuring the quality of the code.

  • Report Bugs - If you think you've found a bug in Inkscape, please follow our guide for how to send a bug report.

    Or if you tried to submit a new bug report, but found it already reported, read through it. Sometimes the report doesn't have enough info, or the bug is hard to reproduce. You may have new info, or can submit an SVG file that will help identify the problem.

  • Review and Verify Existing Bug Reports - If you decide to become involved on this level, you may want review existing bug reports, in case you might be able to add some helpful info. Try seeing if the bug occurs for you too, and add details to the description. Please find info here.


  • Translate Inkscape

    You can help make Inkscape more widely accessible, by translating it to your language. We already have lots of translations, but as Inkscape grows, new features and documentation needs to be translated too. Please see this page to get started.

  • Translate the website

    As the website grows, new pages always need translating as well. In fact, you may notice (by using the language dropdown list in the upper right corner of any page in the website), that the entire website has not been translated for many languages. None of it is translated in some languages. Please follow this guide to learn about translating the website.


And there are many more ways you might be able to contribute to the Inkscape project, simply by promoting Inkscape, when you have a chance. You can find some ideas on our Promote page.

Community To-Do List

There are a number of special tasks which are more urgent than others, which we have specifically listed on our Community To-Do List page.

Contributor Statistics

We have contributors from around the world, and in various industries. We want to commend their work and acknowledge the effort they put in which benefits us all. Please see the Contributor Stats page.