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Current Contest

The contest for Inkscape 0.92 is over. Visit the 0.92 About Screen Contest gallery to view the entries by all contestants.

The winning entry is "About 0.92 2 Good" by artelnjeru01.

Congratulations to artelnjeru01 and a huge thank you to everyone who participated!

Relevant Links

Inkscape download page - get a pre-release build for evaluation

Inkscape repository - or download the the latest developer version and build from source

Draft release notes - These are VERY helpful to learn about what new features you can take advantage of

Entries from the previous About Screen Contest

Inkscape Branding Resources (Logos, Fonts,...)

List of developers who contributed to 0.92 - some people like to use this as an element of their artwork

How Does It Work?


  • The canvas dimensions must be 750x625 px / 600x500 pt (your image can bleed outside of the canvas, but anything outside of the canvas border will not be rendered).
  • Your image must be licensed appropiately: CC-BY-SA. Please include the license in the image's metadata.
  • It must be made in Inkscape only with no post-processing as we will require the SVG file to use for the about screen. Note: Your SVG file will be distributed with Inkscape 0.92 hence the need for the above requested licensing.
  • It must load relatively fast since it will be rendered in real-time when someone views the about screen (the SVG's file size needs to be taken into consideration, too).
  • It must include the Inkscape logo and the following text "Inkscape", "0.92", "Draw Freely.", "www.inkscape.org", and last but not least, your name, signature, or online handle (whichever you'd prefer).
  • There can be a maximum of two (2) entries submitted per community member.
  • It must not contain anything inappropriate or otherwise offensive. We recommend avoiding things such as nudity, violence, and political or religious imagery. Material considered inappropriate or offensive will be disqualified at the development team's sole and final discretion.
  • We will need for you to post your SVG file online in the right contest gallery (see link above).
  • Have fun!


Having your art be the About Screen for the new version of Inkscape and a credit for your work.


Preliminary judging will is done by the Inkscape community. The community judging period will usually last for a week. When we have an official “Top 3”, they will then be turned over to the Inkscape developers for final judging. Please note that once turned over to the developers, after they have chosen the winner they may have requests for modifications.

All decisions are final once the voting periods are finished.

Previous Winners

This gallery contains the winning pictures from previous contests, as well as some About Screens from our ancestor project Sodipodi. They are a piece of history, as well as inspiration for future contests.