Inkscape currently has $31,000 in savings. We typically get between $3,000 and $8,000 in yearly donations, with a trend averaging at $7,000 in the last few years. However, this year we are experimenting with allowing donors to earmark their donations to specific budget items (i.e. Hackfest).

This is not intended to be a formal budget, but rather to serve as a planning aid and to inform decisionmaking. The board must still vote on each specific expense, and in particular they are not restricted from voting larger or smaller amounts than is budgeted here.

Inkscape Board - working budget


Budgeted funds

Actual expense Expended General Funds


SVG Working Group (*)


$900.00 $900.00    


LGM 2015 (*)


$0.00 $0.00    


Hackfest 2015 (*)

(+ 13,721.87 additional sponsorship)

$6,036.75 -$7235.12


Hackfest Dinner (*)


$398.48 $398.48    




$0.00 $0.00


Other events


$0.00 $0.00


Funded Development (*)


$0.00 $0.00


Developer Education


$0.00 $0.00


Grants (OSUOSL) (*)


$0.00 $0.00




$213.00 $213.00    




$7,548.00 -$5,724






Income item FY2014 Received FY2015 Expected FY2015 Received Notes

Expected General Income


$5000 $5765.75


Hackfest 2015 Sponsorship

$6864.00 $5000 $6857.87  


(*): Budget item already approved by board

($): Budget item already paid out

[1]: With the hackfest co-located with LGM, we anticipate charging half of airfare costs against LGM, half against Hackfest.

[2]: The plan for the hackfest is to pay for it 100% through sponsorship and earmarked fundraising. This budget item is contingency in case the hackfest fundraising does not raise its full amount.  Update:  As of the start of the hackfest, all expenses can be met via the earmarked fundraising (i.e. this contingency fund is not going to be spent).

[3]: This budget item covers material costs (buttons, stickers, banners, etc.) as well as travel sponsorship, for events where Inkscape will have a presence (e.g. booth, presentation, development discussion, etc.)

[4]: This is intended as seed money for three projects ($250 each), with earmarked fundraising used for further funding.

[5]: This amount covers books, training courses, and other expenses that result in improvements to our community's skills, knowledge, and abilities for research, development, QA, producing, and marketing the Inkscape software.

[6]: This budget item provides donations to other non-profit organizations. So far in 2015, $200 has been sent to OSUOSL.

[7]: This is just a guess for how much will be donated to Inkscape's General Fund. This assumes $2,000 less than 2014's ~$7,000 due to redirecting donors to the hackfest for the first few months of the year.