New: The build system was updated for this version which allowed us to fix some bugs, add a few new features, slightly increase performance and improve overall stability. If you should encounter a new issue that was not present in Inkscape 0.92.1 make sure to report it.

Note: exe and msi installers are equivalent but not compatible (i.e. one can not update the installation of the other). If in doubt which version to download, the exe installer is usually the right choice. Also avoid parallel installations of 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you want to switch the type of installer or processor architecture please uninstall the previous version completely first. To run different versions in parallel use the binary distributions packaged as 7z archive and make sure to extract into different folders.


Windows Store

Windows® Store Logo (Copyright by Microsoft)

If you are using a platform that requires you to install software from Windows Store (e.g. Windows 10 S), or if you prefer to install the store version for some other reason, you can find the official store version of Inkscape here.

Please note that this version is not compatible with regular installations (your settings will be lost).
Functionality may be incomplete and we can only offer limited support.