Support Us

There are several ways to support the Inkscape project, beyond investing your own time and talents.


Donations to the Inkscape Fund not only help us pay fees - the money also helps developers attend various world-wide meetings, seminars, conventions, conferences, etc.

These are essential to allow Inkscape developers to keep abreast of new developments, as well as to share their own work or research, to exert influence on the development of new standards, and to learn new skills from their peers.

You'll find more info on the Donate page.

Inkscape Hackfests

Since 2015, we organize our own hackfests, to allow our volunteer developers to meet in person, forge stronger relationships and actively work on Inkscape for a couple of days. Being together at those intensive programming sessions facilitates decision making, and may bring cool new features or bug fixes. It also helps keep the code up to date, and compliant with software standards which are constantly changing.

Please see the Hackfests page to find out more and to help us provide financial support to our developers, so they can attend the event.

Funded Development

Funded Development is an exciting new option for contributing to the Inkscape project. In this way, one can fund the development of specific new tools or features.

SVG Standards Work

Inkscape uses SVG as its native file format. Help us ensure that future versions of the SVG standard meet Inkscape's needs by supporting our representative's travel to SVG working group meetings.

Find out more on the SVG Standards Work page.

Our Sponsors

We're grateful for the generosity and support of all our sponsors!