What's new in the development version in February

As you very well remember, we intended v0.49 to be a release that fixes all sorts of inconsistencies. Around January we got a new contributor, John Smith, who already has done quite a lot of work in that direction. For instance, he implemented saving the state of dockable dialogs across sessions, so that you don't have to start and rearrange them every time. He also made more dialogs dockable, like Export Bitmap, Text and Font and Spell Check, and rearranged buttons in two dialogs: the Layers dialog and the Path Effects dialog.

Inkscape also got a new dialog for importing for Open Clip Art Library (works on Linux only for now) from Andrew Higginson. Meanwhile Alex Valavanis and Kris De Gussem are continuing their work on clean-ups, and Johan Engelen is back to working on the Powerstroke LPE that allows controlling width of stroke along a path.

While at that, we'd like to remind you of an e-book in Spanish by Joaclint Istgud that explains basics of Inkscape as well as some advanced features via tutorials on creating some well-known logos.