Contribute and Promote

There are many ways to contribute to the Inkscape community, without having technical or coding skills, which also serve to promote Inkscape.

Web Presence

Both Inkscape's website and the Inkscape wiki need nearly constant attention.

  • Work on the Website - Help on the website is always appreciated. Knowledge of HTML is required; Python / Django know-how is helpful. Check out the website code from the Git repository and send patches, or request direct Bazaar and shell access for doing on-going work. Translation is also needed for the website.
  • Help Keep Wiki Content Current - The Inkscape Wiki is always in need of new content, and its content that needs to be edited, updated and/or deleted.  There is a general trend of focusing Inkscape user info on the website, while the wiki is targeted towards development.  If you have the knowledge needed to edit the wiki, and don't already have access, you can request it on the development mailing list.

Use Your Graphics Skills

There are a few ways to use your graphics skills in ways the whole community can benefit.

  • Design new icon sets - Design new icon sets and share them with others.
  • Mock up dialogs - If you think you have an idea for a better design of dialogs or even the whole user interface, use Inkscape to make a mock up of it.
  • Custom Document Templates - If you have made a custom document template that you think others can use, share it.

All of those could be shared through your personal InkSpace (gallery) on the website.  (Register first, if necessary.)

Help other Inkscape users

In addition to building a good drawing application, it's also extremely important to us to build a strong community around it. You can help us achieve this goal directly, by helping other Inkscape users.

  • Write Tutorials - New tutorials are welcomed, throughout the community, at every level; from Inkscape novice to advanced user, and even to some development topics, such as how to create filters or write extensions.

    There is no one centralized source of Inkscape tutorials. If you like to write tutorials, or have unpublished text tutorials, you may be able to place them in various Inkscape forums. If you have your own webspace, or if the tutorials are videos, you can put links to your tutorials in these forums.

    Fortunately, as this is being written, the Tutorials page on the Inkscape website is being further developed, to include tutorials which have been uploaded to members' InkSpace (personal gallery).  Stay tuned for more tutorials there.

  • Participate in Forums - From bulletin board style forums (listed here), to the Inkscape users mailing list, to Launchpad's Inkscape Answers, there are many opportunities to connect with other Inkscape users.

    Ask questions, answer questions, or solve problems of other Inkscape users; discuss issues and features; share tips, tricks and techniques; participate in drawing contests or competitions; and meet new Inkscape friends along the way. It all helps to promote Inkscape!

  • Share Your SVG Files - Sharing your SVG files, whether directly in forums, via link or attachments; by uploading to Open Clipart or various galleries; allows people to learn how you've created various drawings and effects, etc., just by examining the SVG file.

    Some forums allow Inkscape work to be displayed. Or if you have your own webspace, you could post links to your work in those forums. There are plenty of galleries, such as DeviantArt, Flickr, each of which have Inkscape groups. And of course Openclipart.

    Best of all, is the gallery, on the Inkscape website. After registering first, if necessary, upload your image to your personal InkSpace (gallery), in the appropriate category.

  • Teach Inkscape - Organize Inkscape classes for adults, in your local area, or teach a course on an educational website. Volunteer to teach an after-school class on Inkscape, at your child's school.

Spread the Word!

Above all, please keep in mind that we want to maintain Inkscape's community as friendly, helpful, and polite; so please encourage good behavior, through your own interactions with others in the community.

  • Write Articles About Inkscape - Submit articles, to be published in online magazines and blogs. Or even published in print. Don't forget to include a link to Inkscape (or URL if it's in print)
  • Create screenshots - If you're aware of a new feature under development, or being significantly or importantly changed, consider creating one or more screenshots, illustrating it.
  • Show Off Your Inkscape Artwork - Whether clipart or photorealism, cartoons/comics or technical drawings, displaying your artwork is perhaps the best way of all to promote Inkscape.
  • Give Presentations About Inkscape - Give presentations or seminars to interested groups, art fairs, expos, symposia, or conventions. Be sure to announce it on the mailing list, and/or post it to the website.
  • Sell or Advertise with Inkscape - Use Inkscape to create graphics for brochures and flyers, for your business or hobby project; or to put the graphics on promotional products like hats, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Create banners, buttons, and other web graphics - whether for promoting Inkscape on the internet, or advertising your own business. Find our trademark guidelines here.
  • Teach with Inkscape - Use Inkscape to create documents for your graduate or professional degree; or for business proposals or presentations. Illustrate articles, manuals or owner's guides, for any kind of product; or maybe even illustrate a book you wrote, with Inkscape.
  • Recruit more developers - If you know, or meet people with coding skills, introduce them to Inkscape, and ask if they'd be interested in helping to develop Inkscape.