Exhibitions of Inkscape Work Across the Internet

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Below, there's a listing of many places where you can find images made with Inkscape - and this is only a very small selection of all the great artistic works you can discover on the web.

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Multiple-Artist Collections

Single-Artist Collections

Miscellaneous Works by Single Artists


  • The Greys, Monsters Inked, and Elvie - 3 different Creative Commons licensed comic strips, including over 200 issues, all created partially or entirely with Inkscape. Most also have the Inkscape SVG files available for download, with extra Easter Eggs hidden in them.
  • Jellyfish Dessert - comic strip (en, de, fr)
  • PixelPalaces pressents: Dragon Knights - Super Hero/Science fiction comic mostly drawn in Inkscape and mostly in SVGZ with interactivity and animation
  • The Changeling - a webcomic website created with dynamic xhtml and SVG drawn in Inkscape -- PLEASE NOTE: contains mature graphic content not suitable for minors or people offended by nudity and/or violence
  • Bifter SVG Comic - a monthly web comic made entirely in Inkscape that can also be read by the visually impaired -- the website is written with HTML5
  • Québec Cité - a weekly webcomic in French by Frédéric Guimont and Péïré Brunnemer


  • nojhan/art - illustrations made with inkscape, under the (free) CC-BY-SA license
  • Gatonegro deseño - Inkscape-based graphic design, with the occasional aid of the GIMP and Scribus. Stickers, posters, T-shirts, pamphlets, logotypes, wallpapers... most of them released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike Licence (Language: Galician)
  • Plurib.us SVG Art Gallery - gallery of Inkscape created SVG art (most CC licensed)
  • dare2dream.com - vector illustrations by artist Russ Sharek

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