Inkscape Branding

This is a set of design guidelines to be applied when using the Inkscape brand assets officially to represent the Inkscape project. For trademark and copyright info, please also see our Trademark Policy.


Inkscape: Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor


'Inkscape' should be capitalized (not BiCapitalized), and is only one word. The name 'Inkscape' is trademarked.

Incorrect: inkscape, Ink Scape, Inkspace, InkScape


Draw Freely.


Watch capitalization, and don't forget the full stop. The tagline is trademarked.


Inkscape's Logo is the Mountain Graphic Logo. There are two official variants of that logo: The original, slightly glossy 3D variant, and the simplified, flat variant.

For the flat logo, there are 2 official variants:

  • 1-color: Preferred colors (in order of preference) are black (on lighter backgrounds), or white (on sufficiently dark backgrounds). The snowcap and rim line knocked out (transparent).
  • 2-color: The mountain and ink should be black, and white (for the snowcap and rim line)

The Inkscape Logo is trademarked, and is licenced as CC-By-SA 3.0. It's original author is Andrew Michael Fitzsimon.


The font to be used for the word 'Inkscape' is Linux Libertine.

The handwriting font that is used for the tag line is Euphoria Script.


For understanding how the Inkscape Brand assets can be used, please refer to the Trademark Policy.

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