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Without the help of our sponsors, we could never be the productive and creative community we are. We are always on the lookout for new sponsors who want to help the Inkscape project make the best SVG vector editor possible. If you'd like to be a sponsor, then take a look at these available sponsorship levels and contact us with your request. Please note that all rewards are for a period no longer than a year from the date and time of the sponsorship, and that news entries are written for single dates with no guarantee that they will remain the top news article for any length of time, although they often will be on the front page for at least a week.

If you would also like to support Inkscape by donating or supplying technical services, or by sponsoring technical equipment, please head over to our donation page and do contact us about the details.

Our Sponsors

On this page, we would like to thank our sponsors, who help us by supplying technical services, goods or by donating to the Inkscape project:

Thank you,

Canonical Ltd. Logo
Canonical Ltd. for providing the infrastructure for our bug tracking work at!


Fastly Logo for providing Content Delivery Network services, which make our website load faster!


GitLab Inc. for providing the infrastructure for our code repositories at!


Oregon State University Open Source Lab for hosting our servers and helping with their maintenance!


SFC Logo
Software Freedom Conservancy for handling our financial and intellectual property resources!


Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access, our platinum supporter who has shown serious support for Inkscape. They provide a VPN Service that encrypts your connection and provides you with an anonymous IP to protect your privacy.


to all the friendly people who support the Inkscape project by donating money, making it possible to organize meetings and to pay our fees!

Silver Sponsors

Advance Systems, Inc.

Bronze Sponsors

DealsLands UK