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Discussion en ligne sur le développement d'Inkscape


We use Jabber in preference to IRC for development discussions. Jabber/XMPP is an Instant Messaging system that allows establishment of “chat rooms”. We meet in (the ‘inkscape’ channel on the server).

You'll need a Jabber client such as Pidgin, iChat, Google Talk, Kopete, or Gossip. Set up an account with a server such as or, then join the chat group.

Also see the setting up Pidgin (formerly Gaim) for tutorial.

While this channel is primarily geared for developer discussion, we do not discourage users from participating too, however please be conscientious of any development discussions going on. If you do not get an immediate answer to your question, folks may just be focusing on other things; try asking again later, or use the mailing list or forums instead.


The channel irc:// is available for IRC users. We have a bridge that allows bidirectional communication between IRC and Jabber. Please note that your nickname has to be registered in the IRC network before you can post anything in the channel.

Configure your IRC client to use the utf-8 character set if you can. In many IRC clients, this can be done with ‘/charset utf-8’ or ‘/set term_type utf-8’.

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